Sonntag, 3. September 2017

Das 12. KBS-Hörertreffen zur IFA in Berlin - mein erster Eindruck.....

Ich fand, dass es ein schönes Hörertreffen in Berlin war, mehr Informationen gibt es dann demnächst hier auf dieser Seite. 

English Service: What's new as of September 4th, 2017

Hello listeners,

KBS World Radio English Service is carrying out a major frequency and time adjustment on shortwave as we expand our programming as of September 4.

First of all, we will start a new two-and-a-half hour broadcast on 9.770Mhz at 0800h UTC toward Southeast Asia. The one-hour broadcast on 9.515Mhz toward Europe will expand to two hours, and will start at 1500h UTC. Our broadcast toward India will be on 9.785Mhz instead of the current 9.880Mhz and expand to three hours, starting at 1400h UTC.

Unfortunately, as we add more hours and programs to several frequencies, we will no longer be broadcasting on 9.690Mhz, 6.095Mhz and 7.275Mhz.

For more information on the frequency adjustment and program schedule, please visit our website at

Thank you!

*** BIG ANNOUNCEMENT *** KBS World Radio English Service

As many of you are aware already, KBS WORLD Radio English Service will be expanding and is launching new shows on September 4. While we will continue to update you on Facebook, be sure to follow the new (and revamped) programs on Instgram and Twitter!!!
K-Pop Connection (new season with a new host!)

One Fine Day with Lena Park (another music program!)

Korea 24 with Henry Shinn (our daily current affairs show) -- new handle coming soon!

Freitag, 18. August 2017

Test transmissions by the English Service of KBS World Radio

KBS World Radio's English Department Is Carrying Out Test Transmissions Next Week
Target Area Time (UTC) Frequency (kHz) Date
Europe 1500 - 1600 9,515 - August 21 - 23
Southeast Asia 0800 - 1030 9,770 -  August 21 - 23
India 1400 - 1700 9,835, - August 21 - 22
India 1400-1700 9,785, - August 23 - 24
If you life in target areas, please tune in and send us reception reports. Your reports are crucial in helping them find better frequency options.

Reception reports can be sent to or on the web at

If conditions are good next week, the transmission meant for Europe could be audible in the US.

Freitag, 23. Juni 2017

KBS World Radio English service want to know:

Dear KBS WORLD Radio English Service listeners,

Thank you always for tuning into us and writing to us with valuable feedback. We are planning for a major overhaul in SW frequencies later this year and would love to hear from you, the SW experts from different parts of the world. Please share your thoughts on the following questions. It would be greatly helpful if you could include the country you reside in the email back to us.

- Out of frequencies we use now (6095, 7275, 9515, 9570, 9580, 9640, 9690, 9760, 9880, 11810, 15575), which are the frequencies that work the best in your region? And which are the worst?
- If we were to secure a new SW frequency targeting your region, what are your recommendations?
- Are there seasonal differences to the frequency you tune in to listen to KBS WORLD Radio? Please describe how.

Please don't hesitate to share your ideas to improve our SW service. We thank you in advance for your input. We sincerely hope the changes we will make will better serve you and other listeners in your region.

email address

Freitag, 14. April 2017

Luke Cleary - former host of KBS World Radio English Service

Do you remember Luke Cleary? He is still living in Seoul... 

Meet Laurence! :)

Introducing the newest team member at KBS WORLD Radio English Service! We're excited and glad to welcome yet another great host/copy-editor.

Many of you might recognize him from some Seoul Calling episodes this week, but if you'd like to find out more about Laurence, tune into KBS Listeners' Lounge tomorrow (Saturday, April 15)!

Freitag, 7. April 2017

Gift for the winners for the the first quarterly quiz of this year!

KBS World Radio English Service has selected the winners for the the first quarterly quiz of this year! And here's our mail correspondent Yoonha busy preparing the packages. Thank you as always for your dedication, and don't be too disappointed if you didn't win this time. There's always a next time, and we're currently accepting answers for the second quarterly quiz so be sure to enter!

Sonntag, 19. März 2017

KBS World Radio - Hörertreffen 2017 in Mainz

Es ist mal wieder soweit. Wir laden alle Hörer von KBS und Korea-Freunde recht herzlich zum KBS Radio Hörertreffen in Mainz ein.

Das Treffen findet nun am Samstag, den 27. Mai 2017 ab 11.00 Uhr in den Räumen des Deutsch-Koreanischen Freundeskreises Mainz e.V. in der Reduit in Mainz-Kastel statt.

Wir sind wieder dabei, das Programm und die Veranstaltung mit den Mitgliedern des Deutsch-Koreanischen Freundeskreises Mainz e.V. zu planen.

Damit das Treffen wieder besonders bunt und erfolgreich werden kann, wird derzeit am Programm noch etwas "gebastelt". Hierzu sind auch Anregungen, Ideen und Beiträge jederzeit sehr willkommen. Entsprechende Vortragstechnik ist vorhanden.

Auf ein zahlreiches Wiedersehen freuen sich das Team vom Deutsch- Koreanischen Freundeskreis Mainz e.V. und das Hörerteam Siegbert Gerhard, Michael Bethge und Lutz Winkler.

Telefonnummer: 0157/37052452

KBS World Radio in English for listeners in India at 2 pm (UTC) on 7215 kHz via Gimjae/KOR